Madison Group is strategically positioned to best serve the telecommunications and utilities markets with our knowledgeable design, install and support staff. We work side-by-side as part of your team by providing engineering expertise, network assistance, material management and product procurement to satisfy the requirements of your projects and meet your goals as necessary for the total team success.

 Typical Central Office


  • Flexible management of customer/manufacturer project changes
  • Handle a wide range of existing architecture
  • Help migrate to new vendor equipment
  • Integrate multiple vendor’s products for optimal response to customer needs


 Fiber Distribution


  • Migrate to new vendor equipment
  • Springboard for product enhancements
  • Liaison with manufacturers’ sales and technical support groups
  • Interface between multiple vendors
  • Decipher interface requirements when adding new equipment
 DC Power Installation


  • Rack and Stack
  • Clean up CO cabling
  • Material delivery to match customer project schedules
  • Software upgrades
  • Reconfiguring shipped goods
  • Kitting